04 November 2013

The Great Scottie Beach Walk

 Today was the Great Scottie Walk. We arrived at Bloubergstrand in a flurry of barking and yapping and snarling and snapping, and the Food Lady tied these very beautiful bandanas round our necks - made by Hamish and Finlay's human mother Renate.
One for the Pest,
and one for MOI. Cool!
 Findlay had heard all about the Pest and pulled a tongue at him.
 Ho ho! We both laughed.
Laddie met his sister Maggie May and although they shouted at each other in typical crazy puppy madness, they soon became good friends. Who knows if they remembered each other? (This photo was from Maggie May's mom.)
Quite cute.
But am I not just too cute in my red bandana as well? Thank you Renate.
We all started walking along the beach - Table Mountain as a fitting backdrop.
Laddie was rearing to go
and join Snoekie, Snippie and Knaapie with their mom, Irene, in the water. 
I just wanted to have a good roll in the wet sand.
Hamish and Finlay with their mom, Renate. I think I am in love with Hamish. He reminds me of a tall, dark and handsome Dougal. He didn't return my love though. (In fact he said he hated me and Laddie and he wanted to sink his teeth into a few of the yappy snappy Scotties there. JUST like Dougal!)
Other dogs were quite bemused,
 and some amused.
And some confused but mostly they just wanted to join in like this pit bull pup who loved every minute of it and said he wanted to be a scottie so he could come on the next scottie walk.
Oh but it was FUN.
And what a lovely day.
This is Maggie May with her mom, Junette. In the background you can see Maggie May's brother, Kirby, who is a really cool dude Scottie.
Helloo Maggie May. She is smaller and whiter than the Pest but just as naughty.
Mac having a back scratch.
 Me watching some kite surfers, and thinking of Dougal and Hamish.  
Soon it was time to turn round and go home.
William, a 13-year old Scot who belongs to Michele (on the left), got a lift from Estea, the lady who organized the whole walk. Thank you Estea for a really fantastic morning! We are so looking forward to the Christmas Scottie Walk now.
We bought some scottie biscuits from Mila's mom, Nisa but they are too good for us to eat apparently.
We missed the other walkers, some of who went to Muizenberg for a walk, but really think you must come to the next Scottie Walk. It was just such fun and I am sure Honey and Maddie would love to be honorary Scotties for the day.


  1. PAWSOME!! Mom showed us all the pics that were posted on Facebook. Glad to see you joined in and had a grrreat time.
    Wallace and Samuel.

  2. Wow! So many scotties!! I wish I could join in!

  3. I wish you could come too but Australia is a bit too far to come, even for a scottie walk!