27 October 2014

A Sunflower Scottie Walk and a party

Today was the great Sunflower Fund Scottie Walk at Dolphin Beach, Milnerton. All Scotties had to wear Sunflower Fund bandanas. Here are Kirby and Maggie May (Lad's sister) - with Mila in the background - and Estea, Junette and Nisa.
Me on the boardwalk - with the Alph.
Lad met another of his siblings - same parents, different litter. I was worried that the Food Lady would bring it home and I would have to contend with a clone of Laddie all over again, but luckily its owners didn't want to part with it. Phew.
It was the most perfect beach day.
And we attracted quite a lot of attention.
But then we are rather distinguished looking. Especially me in my Sunflower bandana.
This dog was really curious about our bandanas - I think she wanted one too.
There is my friend Mac and his mom behind this gaggle of youngsters.
Me and my new friend Luna chatting about was fun it is to be a Scot.
I think Thomas had to be rescued from the sea.
Even the mad Lad looked quite distinguished in his blue bandana.
We caught sight of a Boston Terrorist giving the Scotties a wide berth, but it wasn't Harvey.
Me being laid back. The other wheaten Scottie is Carlyle.
Cadging treats from Junette - Maggie May and Kirby's mom. Life is just such a gas.
Cadging treats from Irene -  Snippie, Snapie and Snoekie's mom.
Lad was far to busy to think about snacks.
Trying to cadge treats from Sammy and Dudlye's human.
Irene and Junette with the water babies.
Lad and I were not so sure about the waves ...
Maggie-May, Kirby and Snippie were having such fun
cavorting and surfing,
but I was more interested in snacks.
Then, because I thought Junette had more snacks, I followed them all into the sea as well.
Most refreshing!
We met Sammy and Dudlye's sister, Mia Ostara, who has her own Facebook page here.
And Laddie made friends with a rather bullish pitbull.
This distinguished Scottie is more my style of friend.
There were quite a few youngsters on the walk - which makes the Food Lady go all soggy and moggy. This is Bailey,
and his brindled brother Angus - getting the bandanas on and ready for the photo shoot.
Most of the walkers had gone home, but the bittereinders stayed for this shot - surely the most amazing setting for a Scottie Walk in the whole world.
Unfortunately you can't see me - but I am behind handsome Hamish and next to the elderly gentleman Mac. You can see the mad Lad looking a bit worried in front of the Alph.
Then is was time to say goodbye
and we all set off for home.
Another grinning Bostie, which reminded us that our next engagement was Harvey's birthday party.
We arrived at the house a little late,
but were soon in the swing of things with party hats,
and a party table laid with dog cakes, and some delicious homemade human snacks.
This is what Harvey thought of the hats.
Yummm - dog biscuits that were really for dogs.
Harvey, the birthday boy, in his tux from the UK.
Opening his gifts from us,
which he seemed very pleased with.
Trying on his bandana - made by Hamish and Findlay's clever mom, Renate.
Such a lucky boy.
But love and presents and all that smaltz over, we got down to some serious barking at the yorkie neighbours.
Poor Frankel, who is staying with Harvey while her dad is away, was locked outside because she didn't like us very much.
Lad and Harvey having a game of tug of war with his new toy, before it was time to go home. What a day! We were all pooped.

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  1. What a group of handsome dudes! I am so impressed:)