17 November 2014

Bird noises and roses on Table Mountain

So what's the delay?
We EVENTUALLY got the humans out of bed and up the mountain - meeting Paul and Pauline, Kate and John (who belongs to Paula from Germany) at Cecilia Carpark. John is stranded in Cape Town having had a spot of bother with thieving Hout Bay locals and his passport. But we were very happy to see some more of him.
Our destination: the top of Table Mountain via Cecilia Ridge.
Paul surveying the hazy view. It was a lovely cool morning - just perfect for little black Scotties like me.
Kate photographing some Watsonia borbonica flowers.

Tea at Breakfast Rock: Kate, the Alph, me, Paul's leg, John and Pauline. Lots of yummy snacks.
Some Ixia polystachya growing in the long grass. Its common name is Corn Kalossie or Corn Lily.
John scrambling up the Ridge - Muizenberg and False Bay in the distance.
The Brown-bearded Protea (Protea speciosa),
and some pretty Spear-leaf Conebushes (Leucadendron spissifolium).
The King of the Castle.
All of us at the top.
We went to fill up our waterbottles at the overseers hut and saw lots of beautiful pink roses cascading over the Great Dog Highway near the hut. The good winter rains must have inspired all this blooming.
Then it was a slog all the way down the Great Dog Highway. Not my favourite - its quite tough on the pads, but as there were so many enticing smells, other dogs and distracting bird noises, I hardly noticed.
Paul spotted this Black Girdled Lizard (Cordylus niger) basking in the warm sunshine along the path.
A helping hand going down the steps.
Looking back through this Erica versicolor (not in its natural habitat) to where we had walked up the ridge. Right in the middle you can see our tea spot.
This dandelion seedhead was not in its right habitat either, but they have really made themselves at home in Cecilia forest.
Kate spotted some Cape Batis birds making quite a noise in the tops of the trees - it made us Scots go crazy because they sounded like squirrels.
Back down in Cecilia Park we met another Scottie and his Australian friend.
Then we were left at home while they all met up at Thea and Hendrik's house for their gee and tee fix. Pauline saying cheers, and Hendrik opening the bubbles ...
And to think that we were also invited, but the Food Lady thought that I would chase the cat and Laddie would pee on everything in Thea and Hendrik's lovely house. Such a spoilsport.

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