13 January 2016


Look who we bumped into in Bredasdorp on our way to the Land of Burrs and Cool Water.
It was lovely to be back on the beach in this warm weather.
We did some tortoise hunting,
some delicious rolling in the wet sand, 
and had some morning lie-ins on the bed.
We went on lovely morning walks along the beach,
and up into the hills to check out the shipwreck.
Some beautiful Plakkies (Cotyledon orbiculata) were flowering at the Shipwreck site,
and we saw lots of Oystercatchers.
Bliss on a hot and muggy day.
The fisherman here are not very good at throwing unwanted catch back. A beautiful Common Eagleray just left to die in the sun.
On a happier note, we met a Bostie who was a bit apprehensive of Laddie's enthusiastic greeting.
The Alph had lots of swims,
but it was a tad windy on The Plaat for the Food Lady and us.
An evening stroll to Papkuil and a lot of chasing from the Lad.
Such dedication!
I preferred to scavenge on fish biltong and kelp.
Yumm. But just look at all the burrs on the Lad.
There were lovely braais in the evening,
and we enjoyed our vantage point for surveying the beach.
The Food Lady and the Alph saw lots of swooping swallows (Barn Swallows maybe) near the house, collecting mud from puddles on the road and posing on the telephone wires,
and on our walks the Food Lady had fun photographing stuff, like this amazing little Flower Mantid
a Caspian Tern,
and a Common Ringed Plover that Laddie loves to chase.
I was quite exhausted at the end of it all,
and so was the Lad.
The Alph had to carry me along the rough parts the next day as my paws just couldn't take the pebbles.
I enjoyed my view from up there.
Back into the cool, gorgeous water of Papkuil for a last swim,
just perfect for a hot Scot.
Soon we were on our way home again, past the lighthouse and the dusty road,
and home to find that high winds had blown a huge branch of the gum tree down. We were glad no-one was underneath it!

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