04 July 2016

A before-lunch walk and an after lunch snooze.

No, this isn't Greece ...
It's Harvey's house in Cape Town. Lucky Harvey to have cats to chase and shout at (as long as they are not Neo-cats). Today we fetched Harvey, Kerryn and Phil for a before-lunch walk up to Oppelskop.
This is Harvey and me shooting up the mountain. Tails up (if you have one!) and full steam ahead.
Lad looking back to make sure the Food Lady doesn't get left behind
photographing flowers. These are possibly early-flowering Lampranthus falciformis.
Phil and the Phood Lady. Her phoot now completely better.
Very soon we were up on Oppelskop.
And what a view! This photo is from Kerryn.
Harvey chased away the swooping croaking ravens
so that we could have a peaceful cup of tea and some Turkish nougat,
while I kept guard for baboons
and Laddie checked for visiting dogs.
We could see Robben Island clearly.
Harvey looking for Robben Island.
Moving on, we passed some coffee-scented Bergmelkbos (Gomphocarpus cancellatus),
and came to the really steep, snary ledge (we know its snary when the Food Lady claps us in leads!) which is really exciting
because it is filled with dassie smells
and alluring little caves and rocky clefts.
Soon we were on the Saddle of Devils Peak which was running with a myriad of little streams - just perfect for cooling my tum and paws.
Winter-flowering Black-bearded (we have something in common then!) Sugarbushes (Protea lepidocarpedendron) which are endemic to Table Mountain and the Kogelberg.
This Black-bearded Scottie had a spring in her step this fresh and sunny morning and managed the long steps down without much help. Yay for me.
We then went back to Harvey's elegant house for lunch.
While the humans sipped wine and Weiss beer, we checked out the locals
who seemed to be holding a very energetic wash day on one of the old District Six roads that leads past Harvey's house. It was quite entertaining to see the looks on some posh tourists and passers by.
Venison shoulder and truffle-flavoured cauli-mash for the humans, and kibble for us.
Awwww - give us a taste of venison. Pleeeeez.
Phil had just returned from a business-trip to Cannes with some delicious goodies for the Food Lady and Alph.
All too much for the Harvester who just fell asleep in the sun.

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