25 October 2016

Walkies with Milly and Billy

Last weekend we had TWO lovely walks - starting on Saturday afternoon with Helen and Paul and some of their friends at Groot Constantia. Through the vineyards we went,
past all the pretty weeds that grow here now that they have fenced the property to keep the baboons and wildflowers out. Spoilsports. Paul spotted a white Vipers Bugloss (Echium plantagineum) flower in amongst the purple ones.
Past the dam,
filled with Egyptian Geese and Reed Cormorants,
and this is me taking a short cut back to the cars with the Alph close behind to see that I don't stray too far.
Then on Sunday we joined Milly and Billy and their human, Ernest , on Milnerton beach.
Benjy and Candy were there too.
We had fun, taking care not to get too wet in the freezing cold water.
I made a new friend - a Scottish Deerhound/Irish Wolfhound cross.
Lots of fun and frolicking.
And I even managed to cadge a treat from my new friend's human.
Milnerton beach is a bit of a strange beach - some people were trying to walk in the water,
and others were being prayed over and dunked into the icy water.
The Food Lady found some Kusslaibos (Didelta carnosa) to photograph,
and some straggly bushes of the European weed, Tree Mallow (Lavatera arborea). Legend has it that this plant was spread by English lighthouse keepers to distant lands because its used to treat sprains and also for loo paper. Could this be the origins of the word lav?
The Food Lady hopes that these beach front properties make full use of its loo paper properties.
Time to leave the bustling beach. Bye bye new friend.
Whats next? Our tongues are hanging out with hunger.
"Follow us home!" shout Billy and Milly. "We have a pool to swim in. Come on!"
"Yoo hoo! This way!"

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