04 February 2009

A dam fine walk

A breezy scramble all the way up Cecilia Ridge - needing help from the humans once or twice - but no other dogs or indeed anyone did we see till we got to the concrete road at the top.
Alice (I LOVE Alice!!) and the Foodlady took LOTS of photos till The Alpha Male threatened to leave them and go on alone.
Note: still on the lead!

Looking down from the top. How did we manage to climb up there!

There was a large dam at the top, and I was very keen for a dip, but the dam level was really low and we had to pick our way through Americans (alas no dogs) and slippery rocks to get to the water.
We had tea above the dam on the path below Klaassenskop, looking over Spilhaus Ridge. We were all quite hot and us dogs were tired so we decided to give the yellowwoods a miss. We walked back down the concrete road which is now part of the main Hoerikwaggo Trail. Saw one rather rude springer spaniel.

What the Table Mountain watsonia should look like - sort of salmon pink.

Near the dam were lots of these ericas - called yellow rice ericas or Erica lutea - and this pretty pine tree look-alike with blue flowers is Psoralea pinnata.

Almost home...

One of our favourite spots to cool off and drink at the end of a long walk - the river near Cecilia parking. Asparagus scandens - the Foodlady thinks its berries looks like Christmas baubles in the forest - with Alice in the background.

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