16 February 2009

Tea on the rocks

After last week's epic, yesterday's walk was rather tame, but I was quite relieved - I don't really like the heat, and jumping up rocks on a lead is not my idea of fun. (I am sorry I strayed and hope the Alpha Male will soon give me another chance. I have been really good on our regular morning walks with the Foodlady.)
Anyway, it was lovely to have Alice (my BEST) and Sue, Lucy and Richard were back, which was fantastic too. We had a short walk up the Silvermine Stream and saw lots of dogs.

This is Erica mammosa. An interesting purplish-pink variation on the usual red one we see. Its common name is the ninepin heath.

According to Dawn Larsen of the SA Museum, this little fly looks like it could be Hermyia diabolus (Family Tachinidae) which appears to specialize in parasitizing the twig wilter insect. Here it is helping itself to pollen or nectar on Pseudoselago serrata, the tooth-leaved selago.

Apart from lots of dogs along the stream, the Foodlady saw lots of rooiels trees, Cunonia capensis. They have large compound leaves that unfurl from butter-spoon-shaped buds which you can see in the photo. (More info, click on the name.)

Tea on the rocks because dogs are not allowed to picnic next to the dam, and the dog swimming corner was too hectic because Dougal wanted to take out a few Bernese mountain dogs and English setters and their owners were worried.

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