15 June 2009

Up Muizenberg Peak

A later start this morning as we thought it might be too wet to walk. But it wasn’t. I was feeling just a bit off colour – I think it was the leg of lamb the neighbour gave us – but perked up when Alice arrived (even though at first she and the Alpha Male were pretending to be Dougal and his black schnauzer enemy when they says rude things to each other).
Douglas also joined us today. We scotties admire him as legend has it that he once picked a cat up off their dining room table and turfed it out the window into the swimming pool. The cat survived and his sisters didn’t talk to him for a few days but we think he is to be looked up to for that. So we are very deferential in his company. (Although we bark and ferociously chase his boys when they bring their skateboards to our house!)
We set steeply off up Muizenberg Mountain, turning left at the top to get to the peak which is 507 m high. Alice spotted an interesting brown Gladiolus maculatus in flower (Graham Duncan from Kirstenbosch says its smell reminds him of Bovril). We had tea just below Muizenberg Peak, and this is Dougal looking anxiously at the antics of the Food Lady and Alice as they teetered on the edge photographing Gladiolus priorii.
See what I mean! No wonder Dougal looks worried.
This is Gladiolus priorii.
Here is me safely with the Alpha Male. This is us all having tea. Doug is either explaining the art of catching a really good surfing wave or an interesting manoeuvre in a helicopter.

There were lots of colourful Erica nudiflora flowers all around,
...and on the way down Farmer Pecks Valley, we also saw this flower which has the oddest name of Dogface! (Alice’s photo.) Trichocephalus stipularis.

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