08 June 2009

No other dogs on Noordhoek Ridge

We set off in chilly, not entirely dry weather, (but certainly drier than last Sunday) with Sue, Thea and Alice (and us and our humans of course) from the Silvermine Dam, up Crassula Edge and along the amphitheatre path. Looking back to Cape Point. Check this barking dog. Looks like Mischief the spaniel. While waiting for Alice to catch up, I practiced my rock jumping for the path ahead. We then turned up the Dragonback Passage path that took us to a windy road (where you have to dodge mountain bikes) and then up to the skyline path.
On the way we saw lots of Erica coccinea, the red or tassle heath.
and quite a lot of this bright and beautiful Erica physodes.
Tea and rusks, Sue's crunchies and Thea's cashew and peanut brittle in the chilly (but mostly dry) breeze on the Skyline path on Noordhoek Ridge.
Us two pretending to be in the heather-clad highlands that the Food Lady insists on telling us about. (She even played us some bagpipe music once that made Dougal howl in anguish!)

A tough climb for short-legged scots but we have done it before and it was a cinch. Here is Sue who was a bit alarmed at the steepness of the path, but we went ahead to show how easy it was (with a bit of help from the humans!) Then it was down to the boardwalk/lookout over Blackburn Ravine, and back along the path where we saw lots of other dogs at last. A walk is not entirely satisfactory unless we see a few other dogs.

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