12 July 2009

Rainy Sunday

No walk today. Rain coming down hard and wind swirling around making Dougal wimpish. Look at him on their bed!

Looking out on rainy garden. Feeling bleak.

Foodlady on computer ... but look what I see....

THIS is what they were doing yesterday when they left us at home - visiting Arabella and Aidan in Greyton. Here are the two blue roan spaniels who I am not allowed to meet because Dougal will most probably fly at Aidan.
Here they are having a WALK WITHOUT US.
And exploring the river with Omie Domes WITHOUT US.

And here is Opie Dopes.

and the Alpha Male with the glorious prospect of a delicious lunch while we were at home in the kennel. Its not fair!

And now its raining even harder.

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