20 July 2009

Up Cecilia and down Kasteels with a tummy ache

The humans set out in two cars, and drove up windy roads and back, leaving one car half way up the mountainside and driving some more till I threw up in back. But I felt fine when we got out at Cecilia Forest and met up with Sue and Katta and Pauline. Sadly Alice was not here even though she badly wanted to photograph grey tree pincushions. Here is me leading the way up Cecilia Ridge - you can see the road far below.
And here is me waiting for everyone to catch up.
After a stiff climb, we broke for tea on breakfast rock. Here are the Alpha Male, Sue, Katta, Pauline and Dougal and me. I was not feeling at all hungry at this stage which was funny because normally I really look forward to tea but I drank a lot of water.

Then it was more climbing ... here is Dougal waiting politely for Katta to pass ...

...until we reached The Great Dog Road on top of the mountain and saw some interesting dogs like this black one that was so scared of us tough Scots that it lay down on the road!
At the Woodhead Dam I started to feel sick again and had to keep stopping to hurl in the bushes. Most unpleasant!

Here I am at the top of Kasteelspoort. When we were about half way down, the Alpha Male had to carry me the rest of the way because I really wasn't feeling great. I didn't even feel like eating when we stopped for cheese and biscuits.
Near the Pipe Track, Alice’s Grey Tree Pincushions were all over the place and the Food Lady took some photos of the buds just coming out. They are Leucospermum conocarpodendron subsp. conocarpodendron and only occur on Table Mountain on these granite slopes.
Sue, Pauline and Katta back on the Pipetrack. I was pleased to get back to the car. Really not feeling my usual self. Then it was off to the - shiver and shake - vet for me but Russell (Lucy was away in Malta) couldn't find anything really wrong and I am now feeling much better. I even ate a piece of rusk…

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