14 February 2010

Valentine red disas

I tried to tell them that a short walk in the greenbelt would be a good idea, but no, off the Food Lady and Alice went slogging up Skeleton Gorge in the heat, without us of course.Paul, Sue and Claire-from-England were there too, as well as the entire membership of the Botanical Society, all out to spend Valentine's Day looking for red disas, Disa uniflora. The BotSoc paid a special visit to the tea spot (I was sorry to have missed tea!) to show the whereabouts of a rare erica called Erica marifolia, which was a bit old and turning brown - but only occurs on Table Mountain, in damp spots and near caves. Alice also found a rare and endemic leucodendron called Leucadendron strobilinum or the Peninsula Conebush. They saw lots of disas in the stream at the head of Window Gorge as well as this pretty butterfly, a Silver-bottom Brown, Pseudonympha magus. Paul's special Valentine Day boots matched the disas! Sue and Claire amongst the disas in the stream at Window Gorge. (Alice was apparently photographing them in the stream, you can just see her green shirt.) They came home hot and shaky-kneed, so I was glad that we had stayed at home, shooting the breeze.

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