01 February 2010

Up and walking again!

It was great to be back on the mountain after such a long time, even though it was quite humid for low down little black dogs like me. Pauline came (and nearly Paul but he decided not to be the Alpha Male and went home to fetch something in a hurry, leaving Dougal with no option but to assume the role) and Sue came with Claire-from-England and Nicole-from-Namibia.
After our hot slog up, we had the waterfall to ourselves for tea – here is me eyeing some of Sue’s delicious crunchies, and the Food Lady’s Twinings chai tea.
And here is Nicole-from-Namibia, Sue, Claire-from-England and us scotties-from-South Africa (or at least me, and Dougal's tail).
The rest of the walk was uneventful, although at one stage I considered defecting to another family with two rather interesting Jack Russells but changed my mind when I heard the Food Lady yelling.
We saw a few dusty flowers – some mountain dahlias, some ninepin heaths (Erica mammosa) and this 'purple inkflower', also known as the 'jacranda-inkblom'. Its posh name is Harveya pauciflora (it used to be H. tubulosa). It is a total parasite (which is what the Alpha Male sometimes calls us) and does not have any green leaves, their roots obtaining nourishment from the roots of other species – often of the daisy family.
Claire wanted a photo of this big gum tree although the FL says she prefers to see them in Australia where they belong, not on Table Mountain!

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