23 March 2010

Cool Chappies

A lovely cool Sunday morning for walking above Chapman's Peak Drive. We had a good turn-out although I was sorry to see that Alice wasn't there. Colin-from-Germany came, and Sue came with Richard, Josie and Barbara-from-England who is here to study penguins with Richard. Thea and Pauline were also there, and Dougal was happy that the Alpha Male was back. (Our AM still managed to set a cracking pace even with a compromised Achilles tendon!)

There was a cool mist that swirled around,

and the path was quite steep in places so we scooted ahead with the Alpha Male so that the Foodlady couldn't catch us to put leads on. You can see Richard and Josie in front, then Sue, and Colin and Barbara just coming round the corner.

I thought they were never going to stop for tea but eventually we found a perch and out came some tasty treats. The water in Josie's bright blue fold-out bowl was much nicer than in our bowl - and at least Richard doesn't throw it over us when we are done!

The Foodlady saw lots of these pretty bulbs that are probably Drimia media. Apparently some drimias are poisonous and the name is from the Greek drimys which means acrid or pungent.

There were also lots of red ericas - the Rock Heath, Erica nevillei, which is endemic to the Cape Peninsula

and likes to grow high up on the cliffs...

...and the Fire Heath, Erica cerinthoides.

Watching Colin bundu-bashing.

All good things come to an end, and this is us coming down at the East Fort ruins. They were built in 1796. How cool is that! (For more info click here.)

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