03 March 2010

Hout Bay in the heat

I was really excited to be on the beach as it seemed ages since our last walk! This is me telling Dougal to show some enthusiasm too. We were joined by Noensie (the Alpha Girl), Poeksie, Goose and Maverick who came with their human, Nola (who is also a vet like Lucy). Sue was there too, and the Alpha Male managed the short stroll along Hout Bay beach too with his Achilles tendon still not quite right. (I think we may have met Nola's dogs a while ago, but meeting dogs is always like seeing them for the first time even if we bump into the same pack on the way back from a walk!) They are very strict about picking up after us on this beach but I suppose they have to be with this volume of dogs!

It was lovely walking through the dogs, with the cool sea to dip into, but the humans were muttering a bit about crowds, so the next beach walk is likely to be on Noensie's territory out near Melkbosstrand.

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  1. Since the first person laid eyes on The Table Mountain,it has exerted its powerful and charismatic pull, enchanting and drawing any and all who fall under its spell.