20 April 2010


It was fantastic to be at Daisy again. This time Paul joined us which was just so great! The daisy bushes (Chyrsanthemoides monilifera) were all out and it was the most glorious weather. We walked to Papkuil (or Pietie se Punt as it we hear it is really called) to see the houses that make the humans mutter and curse, which have mushroomed out of the dune bushes. Luckily they are not too gross as you can see in the background of this photo above, and dogs are not yet barred so we did some rodent control while we could. Then we walked home past the old fisherman's cottage that has now been "tarted up" (says the FL) and is shining white and pristine and full of "go everywhere vehicles" and fat and "go nowhere" humans (says Paul). We had a wonderfully fragrant braai - and the FL slipped us the tiniest of tastes! Then watched the chokka boats on the horizon with their bright lights. Calamari season.
I found my own fishy delicacies on the pebble beach the next morning ...
but Paul preferred the pebbles.
Then it was off to Greyton to sit in the car while they had fun with Alice, Aiden, Arabella and OmieDomes.

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