13 April 2010

Hoerikwaggo Trailing

We were so happy to see the humans when they arrived home again on Sunday evening that I relented about putting photos on the blog. But I am sorry we missed out - this looks fun! You can just make out the advance guard on the far side of Blackburn Ravine. Tea stop on the first day - with Christopher, the "mandatory guide" and alpha male for the hike.
Braaing in the Orange Kloof tented camp with giant rain spider nest lights. At the top of Disa Gorge, having just emerged from the restricted area of Orange Kloof where no dogs are allowed unless they live there with the ranger.
The dam that I have had a dip in once or twice.
While they were waiting at the top for the Cable Car to come they saw a Wheaten dassie. Ooooh we would have just CHASED it all the way down to the lower cable station! And, tired but happy, they piled into the Land Rover and hurried home to us.

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