24 May 2010

The invisible Jonkersdam

This berg-windy morning (nothing to do with bergie paté that I am not allowed to eat!) we all walked along the Jonkersdam path but it must be an invisible dam because we couldn't find it at all and there were lots of us looking: Alice (!), Lucy, Josie, Sue, Thea, Pauline, Paul, the Food lady, Dougal and He-who-must-be-obeyed: the Alpha Male. We came to a large fence with a sign that said rude and hurtful things about dogs, so we couldn't climb up the Rooikrans hill but luckily there was another nice path to walk along.
Shirley said in her book that there would be lots of lovely flowers and there sure were. Even pink and frilly Oxalis hirta flowers which is a most unusual occurrence. And this handsome red Gladiolus priorii.

The path was lovely and sandy and soft and Thea decided to do without her shoes for a while.

Paul, Lucy, Sue and the Alpha Male found a nice tea spot for us and we indulged in rusks and beanos (even Josie was seen nibbling daintily on a piece of rusk).

The weather got progressively cooler and more to a scottish-terrier's liking, but Josie was not happy when her ears started blowing in the wind.

We turned back again, and saw this funny looking plant - wild cotton or katoenbos (Gomphocarpus cancellatus).

While we looked for mice, the FL found these little grasshoppers that live in restios. They are Besticoides meridionalis and are out and about from January to May. This is a daisy (possibly Berkheya barbata) they are on though, not a restio.

Homeward bound.

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