30 May 2010

Sophie and Hugh in Silvermine

Today Hugh and Sophie joined us (the Food Lady, Sue, Thea, Alice, Dougal and me) for a walk in Silvermine. Their mom and dad are away and Hugh came to stay with us, and Sophie with Alice - lucky her! We were a bit nervous that Boris might come but Thea didn't bring him again.Hugh and I at the start of the walk. Sophie amongst the flowers. Hugh and Dougal waiting for the others to catch up ...
Hugh climbing to the top but I couldn't get so high up. (I am at the bottom left.)Tea was a bit disappointing for the humans as the Food Lady had left the hot water behind. Senility and decay creeping up. But we had nice rusks, and they also had Sue's delicious crunchies that we are never allowed to sample. The view down to the dam.
A beautiful, creamy white King Protea, (Protea cynaroides).

On the road back to the car park: Thea, Alice, Sophie and Hugh. Alice was having a bit of trouble with a muscle in her leg. Dougal took a shine to a Maltese poodle in a jacket - look at him! Honestly! But she disappeared into the ladies loo with her owners and Dougal, being a gentledog, didn't follow.

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