03 June 2010


We heard some very sad news today. Amber, a beautiful long-legged ridgeback, died the other day of cancer. I actually never met her, but she came to one or two Boxing Day bashes here and the legend lives on. Sam, the Labrador who preceded me, had an almighty crush on her!
Photos: Top: Amber when she was young and bouncy on the mountains above Kalk Bay. Above: Amber feeding her puppies - she was a devoted mother and raised 16 healthy pups!
In the words of her owners, Graham and Daleen:
"While we are very tearful now, we also have to be thankful for the time we had together. When she was an only dog, we went to restaurants together. We went on holiday to Beaverlac, where an admiring Boerbul slept outside our cottage and taught her to chase baboons. We went to Mountain Mist, where she terrorised the resident dassies. We went to Velddrift, where she canoed on the river with us. She chased Himalayan Thars on Table Mountain, Fallow Deer at Rhodes Memorial and seagulls at Blouberg Beach. She hunted molerats and field mice on Rondebosch Common. She raised 16 beautiful puppies and enjoyed the 700 hectares of mountain farm with 2 of them for the past 3 years. She had a wonderful hunting dog life - we just wish it had been much longer.
"We have comforting news that her grand-daughter in the Czech Republic, who carries Amber's name Anbar Shumba (= Amber Lion) has Amber's wonderful nature and delivered 10 beautiful puppies on the day Amber died. We hope that many other people will be able to experience Amber in some way through her progeny."

Dougal, the Alpha Male, the Food Lady and I send our condolences to Graham, Daleen and her two sons, Red and Copper.
Amber cooling off in her favourite pan on top of Bergvliet Farm in Gansbaai, after a 5 km hike in summer.

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