22 July 2010

Pecking order

Today Paul, Pauline, Sue, the Alpha Male, the Food Lady, Dougal and I walked up Pecks (being careful to observe the correct Pecking order with the AM around) to Muizenberg Peak and right across to the Wolfkop parking spot on Ou Kaapse Weg (where we had conveniently left the Land Rover). The photo above is us looking down from Pecks Valley over Muizenberg and False Bay to the Hottentots Hollands. Me shaking the deliciously cool mountain stream water off after a dip.
There were lots of these little Granny Bonnet orchids (Disperis capensis).

Looking over Muizenberg and the Cape Flats to the Hottentots Holland mountains - with wisps of cool mist swirling through.
Pauline, Paul, Sue, the Alpha Male and me having tea on Muizenberg Peak. You can see me on my lookout post on the right with False Bay and Hangklip in the background. The Food Lady was taking the photo and Dougal was far too busy hunting mice to even bother about the delicious rusks, crunchies, date slices and dates on offer.
On Muizenberg Peak.
The Alpha Male walking past a baby dinosaur.
Walking along from Muizenberg Peak to the Steenberg plateau path. Lots of smells and flowers and rocks to perch on.
Who says only birds can perch on the top of rocks?
The Food Lady found this lovely China Flower (Adenandra villosa) on the wagon track. It is one of the buchus in the citrus family. It is less common than the other kind of China Flower one sees all over - Adenandra uniflora.
We saw quite a few of these noisy Cape Sugarbirds. Then we stopped for a quick drink and wade in Junction Pool, which was a weird red colour. Here you can see the Alpha Male taking virtual photographs a-la-Paul. When we got back to the car park it was absolutely chockablock. Everyone is so happy to see the sun again after a rainy week! (And there is no more soccer to watch!)

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