09 July 2010

Transkei braks

Once again, we are not amused. They left us for over a week to spend two days each way travelling to this beach (have we not got our own perfectly adequate beaches??!) where they were fratenising with the local dogs - braks all of them. Here are some of the Mdumbi Backpacker dogs - and for the vets (and less squamish) in the walking group here is a video of the Mdumbi Backpacker vet clinic held there recently.
And Tammy - one of my best humans - after Alice - was there too. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwlll.
Strandwolf? Nah - just another brak. There were lots it seems.
And to really rub our noses in it, I hear that this Sundays walk is off too.

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