26 August 2010

A floriferous charge up Chapmans Peak

Us dogs were invited to walk up Chapman's Peak with the Wednesday walking girls. It was a very lovely day to begin with - nothing falling down in a puff of dust - and lots of flowers for the Food Lady to photograph like these ericas (Erica viscaria we think)... and this Adenandra uniflora growing along the steep steps.
We made it to the top and it was starting to get quite warm. We still have our winter coats on and it was a bit uncomfortable but luckily there was still lots of water up there for cooling off. At the top we had some dog biscuits and admired Long Beach far below.
Here is Dougal with the beacon just above.

Then it was down, down, down all the way home...
with views for the humans to ooh and aah over, and more flowers - pink ericas, and sandpypies (Gladiolus gracilis) and Fire Heaths (Erica cerinthoides). OK that's enough! (The Food Lady can go on a bit with her flowers!)
I was a little hot and bothered on the way down, and got sick of the Food Lady whistling and shouting at me to keep up.
At the bottom there were lots of these Green Satyr Orchids, Satyrium odorum growing in the shade next to a little stream, and I was pleased to be able to sit in the water and cool down while the humans chatted a bit.

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  1. sweffling.wordpress.com27 August, 2010

    "My human is always stopping to look at flowers too and trees! She teaches Ecology and Natural History and it can be a pain on walks. I'm a bit under the weather at the moment but when recovered we'll be out on our romps again. Wags from Ulf, the German Shepherd, (cross Giraffe, cross Kangaroo)."
    Posted courtesy of human's laptop and blog account.