16 August 2010

Gargoyles and dragons on Upper Cave Peak

The Food Lady asked me to put this on the blog just so that she could assure you that she found the right path this time - all you sceptics who invented excuses to get out of being led up the garden path! She, Paul and Pauline were the only ones who ventured out yesterday - the rest of us were too nervous it seems. (Oh, and Dougal had a sore leg so he wasn't allowed.) Actually, I wouldn't have minded coming but I didn't want to leave Dougal on his own.
Here is Pauline walking along the Jojolu Path, looking a bit nervous about that gargoyle above. There were lots of pits and caves and sheer drops and other scary places. Tea time on the ridge near Cave Peak. Paul trying out his new spot meter on Ridge Peak. Dragon launching pad. Wood sorrel, Oxalis incarnata.
Fire over Kalk Bay - not sure how serious it was but seems it was a "vegetation fire" in the Silvermine Reserve which must have been dealt with pretty quickly as all fizzled out by the time the Food Lady was home.
More on the caves.
A map of Kalk Bay Peak. Basically, the walk they did was Shirley's walk from page 74 of A Walking Guide for the Hout Bay to Simon's Town Mountains but instead of coming down Echo Valley, we came down Spes Bona. Dougal and I did it once before with the Wednesday walking ladies. (Click here.)

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