20 October 2010

Two walks

Sunday was a hot day so I didn't mind all that much when the Food Lady left us to look after the Alpha Male (who has a bad back and has been told to lie flat on it for a week) and went off with Alice and Pauline for a walk in Cape Point (No dogs allowed in there). They parked a car at the lime kiln where this family of ostriches were foraging around. Mmm - Dougal and I are not really bird-chasers, besides, that mother ostrich looks quite large!
Then they drove along the racetrack to the entrance where the walk starts - after Alice took a few photos of the rare and endangered Mimetes hirtus en route.
The start of the walk: good views across False Bay to Hangklip. (Alice's photo).They saw a klipspringer sitting up on the rocks - lucky for it we weren't there to chase it! (Also Alice's photo.) And a lot of photographing and talking about flowers went on I imagine. This is Geissorhiza bonaspei, taken by Alice and identified by the famous Graham Duncan from Kirstenbosch.
Another of Alice's photos: Pauline and the Food Lady looking towards Cape Point with Paul's mountain to the right. At Kanonkop they saw the old Dutch cannon that was once used to signal that ships were about to arrive in Table Bay.
This is Alice's photo of the walk they did from Judas Peak on the far right, along the peaks to Paul's Mountain and down to the beach in front of Paulsberg. No wonder the Food Lady was so red in the face and tired when she came home!
Later on that evening when it was cool and the Food Lady woke up, we were taken to the green belt where I was in clover.
That's me trotting along past these colourful nasturtiums. (Of course I KNOW they are not indigenous but the Food Lady likes them nevertheless.)
And just in case you think I am only interested in flowers, think again. This is one of my best fun things to do - a good roll in some smelly mud!


  1. Smelly mud, yes I get that, but what about the clean-up bath afterwards? Is it worth it?

  2. Yes it is a bit of a problem but sometimes I just have to stay outside for a bit and I dry off and all seems forgotten.