29 October 2010

Daisies at the southern tip of Africa

Apologies - the Food Lady has been a bit slack about updating my blog. (The dreaded dreadful deadlines.) Last weekend we went to the southern tip of Africa. We headed out in the comfy car because of the Alpha's sore back. Dougal started getting excited before we were even past Muizenberg! This is Daisy cottage at Suiderstrand.
And there were certainly lots and lots of daisies there. This is a Sea Boneseed daisy (Osteospermum fruticosum). We went for a walk to Papkuil, leaving the Alpha to relax at the cottage. There were lots of molerat hills to investigate.The sea was a bit kali - I had to beat a hasty retreat - usually there are no horrid little waves at Papkuil.
Dougal was a wee bit sceptical about WHAT lives in that huge hole.
Delicious fishous!
Whooa, what is that!
A giant land snail doing trapeze work.
And what is that long thin snake-like thing in our favourite swimming place?
Yikes, its after Dougal! Oh, its only a piece of kelp.
Omigosh - some alien spaceships have landed on our favourite molerat hunting grounds.
Dougal taking an interest in the botanical attributes of this little Cotula daisy. Just near the cottage were these Cancer Bush (Lessertia frutescens) flowers and funny balloon seed pods.
These are the nasty burrs that stick to our coats and cause the Food Lady to pull our hair when she tries to get them out.
This is me trying to get rid of a few burrs by rolling in the nice cool reeds. Out for the count on the back seat - the BM is such a smooth and comfy car.
We popped in at Greyton on the way home. This is young Thomas who we are not allowed to meet face to face but only through the gate.

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  1. You two look like the happiest scottie dogs in the world! That is a beautiful place, and it is clear you had enormous fun there. Lucky things!