01 November 2010

A windy walk around Klein Tuinkop

Sue, Pauline, the newly qualified DR Richard and Lucy-the-vet (who have announced their engagement so we were happy to congratulate them with lots of tail wags and jump up and be annoying behaviour) and Josie joined us - Jane, DawnDog, the Foodlady, Dougal and me - for a walk around Klein Tuinkop. It was so windy we decided to walk around and not over the top because we thought DawnDog might be blown off the top - she is, after all, an old lady of 12.
Richard had a smart new camera - oh Alpha Male - despair! - and he got left behind taking photos of birds but managed to find us again just when the Food Lady started thinking that he and his camera might have been mugged. (Complex tenses for a dog brain hey?)
This is a Mountain Dahlia (Liparia splendens) that is actually a pea and not a dahlia at all.
DawnDog in a newly-burnt patch of fynbos that wasn't here last time.
Jane was sad today - and DawnDog says she is still missing Mr Gus. Dougal looks puzzled - he didn't know who that was but found out that it was Jane wearing a scarf to protect her ears from the roaring southeaster wind. Us Scots are lucky - we have built-in wind cheaters.
Tea time in the rocks just near to the scary caves that Jack Russells fall into all the time (because they have unformed risk-assessment centres in their small brains). Jane is hiding behind a bush on the right.
We set off again round the other side of Klein Tuinkop which has some good views over the Silvermine Valley, and lots of lovely flowers. It is a good path and the boulders were easy for scotties to hop over.
There were lots of beautiful Painted Ladies (Gladiolus carneus).
The long, gravelly road home - not my best - and I hate the Food Lady whistling at me and yelling at me to keep up. I only have short legs and the road is hot and hard. Why can't I stop and rest under a shady bush when I want to - its not fair - in fact its a dog's life and ... hey - more dogs...
Ignore those sour grapes - er figs in the road - wait for me Dougal - here I come!

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