30 November 2010

Other dogs in their lives

The humans were away last week - to visit our human brother and go to a wedding. Or so we were told. They stayed with David and Gordon who live close to this rather interesting looking place in Johannesburg. This is our human brother, Phil, with his girlfriend Kerryn and the Alpha Male and the Food Lady (on one leg!) going on a game drive in the Cradle Nature Reserve. But I discovered some disturbing photos - a strange dog ON THE BED! But apparently this is Luna, the noble Belgian Shepherd who lives with his humans David and Gordon in Johannesburg. But worse was to come - a CAT ON THE BED! With the Alpha who is meant to be allergic to the flea-bitten beasts! Shocking! This is Pagan the cat from Quiet Mountain in the Magaliesberg. Whatever could they have been thinking of? This looks more decorous. This is Streak who we have met before in cyberspace. She lives with David and Gordon too. At least this is more normal behaviour in a dog - Luna again on the way to her humans' farm near Dullstroom.

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