02 January 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day! The Alpha's back seems better, and we joined Lydia and another Stephen (Granger) for a lovely evening walkies in Silvermine. Up a hill and down to the dam that you can just see in the photo above. Dawnie Dawg and I had a swim ... and so did Stephen Granger. Some bright and cheerful Erica multumbellifera flowers.
And home along the river boardwalk.
Well, are you lot coming? says Dawnie Dawg. Stephen and Lydia in the front.

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  1. And a wonderfully happy New Year to you and all your friends, animal and human. What a fun way to begin the year, lovely photos as usual. And I must say that Scotties look so smoothly elegant in a kind of centipede-walking fashion:) I get the impression that your back stays steady while all the work goes on underneath with the legs. PS I like insects so the reference is not meant to be insulting.