27 January 2011

Daisy weekend

Another weekend away and this time we were included. Sue and the humans left on Friday afternoon, and arrived in the dark, so the next morning we set off on some serious mouse-hunting expeditions to Papkuil. This is the newly renovated "Lagoon House" at Pietie-se-Punt.
Sue at Papkuil.
Two African Black Oystercatchers on the beach.
We went for an evening stroll along the sea front at Agulhas.
Sue and the A-M taking a break with Dougal hunting for fynbos mice as ever.
We came across this caravan parked next to a beach house with a drawing of a Basset Hound. I follow a few bassets on Twitter so was interested. This one said "Met vleisch... Yaaa!" Just about sums up this part of the world!
On the way back the Alpha Male decided he'd had enough of my dawdling and snap - on went the lead. But that's cool too ...
Sue produced this bottle of Spanish wine that her brother won and gave to her and they drank it all up while the A-M braaied steak and boerewors. Met vleisch... jaaah!
Setting out on our Sunday morning walk. This is Lagoon Road and the thatched roof house that the Food Lady covets. We have never seen anyone in there in the many years we have been coming here! Oops, better catch up or they will start whistling and yelling again.
We don't enjoy walking on the hard limestone up here. Its a bit rough on our paws. But wait, what is that I can smell?
There were lots of these bright orange ericas up on the limestone ridge - Erica coccinea.
Us two looking down onto Rasperpunt. The humans are a bit confused by the meaning of Rasperpunt - is a "rasp" a rake or a grater? These pretty pink flowers were all around in the dunes - Christmas Berries (Chironia baccifera) obviously a bit affected by Climate Change - it being a month after Christmas.
Sue had lots of these delicious little chocolate penguin biscuits. (Sue works at UCT in the Animal Demography Unit which used to be the Avian Demography Unit so she has a vested interest in penguins.) And as we weren't allowed any chocolate penguins ... . . .we had to go out and find our own! But this one was very dead and Dougal just said "Yuk!".
Then pretty soon it was back in the car and on the way home - Dougal getting some last minute Agulhas Plain air.
Back home with my friend who had to stay behind with her human.

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