19 April 2011

Up Elsie's Peak

All set for a walk! We met up with Alice, Phakamani, Paul and Pauline at Alice's house in Fish Hoek ...for a walk up Elsie's Peak. (Which actually should be Else's Peak but everyone calls it Elsie's Peak.) I always choose the road less travelled which gets me into trouble sometimes, like today when I got a bit lost and had to be put on the lead when they found me. Us and the Alpha looking over Glencairn and Simon's Town.And Phakamani looking over us. The Box Phylica (Phylica buxifolia) is also starting to flower - its sweet smell quite pervasive. Tea below the peak - Pauline, Dougal, Dawnie-dawg, Paul, me, Phakamani, The Alpha and Alice. I soon found a good spot to survey for baboons and dassies, while Dougal was only interested in mice.It is very dry at the moment but there were quite a few flowers out - like this unusual erica that the Food Lady thinks must be the Sticky Heath (Erica viscaria - the one that used to be Erica decora), and Tritoniopsis dodii,and an ultra pale version of Autumn Pipes (Gladiolus brevifolius). The white metalasias or Blombossies are flowering all over the mountains around here - probably Metalasia muricata. (Appropriately, the PlantZAfrica entry is written by Phakamani.) A sunny Fish Hoek below. Returning on the firebreak path ...down Ravine Steps and back to Alice's house and the Land Rover.
But, will you excuse me for now, even though I am quite tired, I have a house to keep watch over.

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