17 April 2011

and they all lived happily ever after

We were not invited, but we were at Lucy and Richard's wedding in spirit (and in the Alpha Male's scottie socks!). Josie wasn't invited either but Lucy's friends smuggled her in. I don't think I would have fallen asleep in church! Especially a church called St Bernards.

You may now kiss the bride. Lucky Josie! The reception was at Boulder's Beach and two penguins were snuggling up romantically when the guests started to arrive. Have they been studying Richard?

It was extremely windy by all reports, and the water was crashing around on the rocks. This was the view from Boulder's Beach House where the reception was held. I wish I had been there as I hear a bad cat was ambushing the guests through the roof of the tent!

All was blue - possibly because of Richard's penguin studies in the deep blue sea, but more likely because of Portsmouth - or should I say Pompey - football club. The bride and groom even arrived to the sound of the official Portsmouth song.

Lucy's mom, who I have met, and Richard's dad.

Richard emptying "penguins" all over the table.

Lots of Lucy and Richard's sisters and cousins and aunts were there too - here is William - an uncle - and Holly - a cousin (and Ross - who belongs to Sue) ...

and the Best Men. You can also see Richard's mom (elegant in red) and Lucy's dad. All the men were appropriately attired in penguin suits.

Sue showing them how to dance African style.

Dancing the night away ...

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