28 May 2011

Chelsea morning

They snuck out this morning while it was still dark saying "sorry dogs you can't come up India Venster" - but then came back again looking all bedraggled and wet NOT having been up India Venster because of the weather but having done a dog-friendly walk without us with a dog called Chelsea.

Before it rained the Food Lady photographed some red ericas - Erica abietina subsp. abietina - which were all over the front of Table Mountain,

and some red Anaxeton laeve (the name the FL can never remember) - members of the daisy family.

The walk was led by Scott of Table Mountain (discussing the way up perhaps?)

Some more pink flowers for the Food Lady - our favourite, Dogfaces Trichocephalus stipularis (the fruits of which resemble dog faces)

and the very fragrant Phylica buxifolia.

The ruined fire look-out hut on Oppelskop in the mist and rain.

See you all tomorrow - which we hope will bring better (not wetter) weather!


  1. Trying to catch up on my favourite blogs: I think it was treachery to go for a dog friendly walk without you. I hope you sulked when they returned home!

  2. We did - a bit. But not for long.