12 May 2011

Steaming up Steenberg

Spot the wheaten Scottie! Dougal in cryptic mood. Today we walked up the side of Muizenberg Mountain with Sue, Rachel (a visitor from England), Pauline and Wyndham who was staying with us for a conference (sadly without Tammy). It was a deliciously cool day - the best Scottie walking weather. There were lots of sugarbushes (Protea repens) in flower on this slope.
We all set off up the steep path side of Muizenberg Mountian with Lakeside, Rondevlei and False Bay below.
Dawnie leading the way up with Rachel close behind. Devil's Peak in the far background.
One of the Lakeside Needles.
A dead shongololo.There are 12 endemic Table Mountain species of millipede. (And 190 millipede species in South Africa, mostly restricted to forests).
Tea time. Sue, Rachel, Pauline, Wyndham and the Alpha. It was a bit windy in the Fat Lady Shelter, but just on the other side it was more protected.
Autumn means the oxalis or wood sorrels are out. This is the Narrow-leaved Sorrel or Vingersuring (Oxalis polyphylla).
At the end we bumped into lots and lots of dogs. In fact, there were so many I couldn't make up my mind which one to check out!

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