21 February 2012

Black Jack

This was the main reason we were not allowed on the weekend away. John and Julie took our humans out to lunch at Jason's Hill wine estate near Worcester where they don't seem to be very partial to dogs. Even dogs in cars we were told. Looks like a good time was had by all, except us! But we were happily at home with Leticia and Simon so we didn't really mind. They went on to Riversong Farm - land of tortoises and puffadders and all sorts of fun things that Scotties love ...
including these flowers - Helichrysum foetidum - which are quite good for rolling in.
But WHAT and WHO is this! A big fat black Jack in the cool pool.
And going home with them. Outrageous! He would never had dared if Dougal had been there.
The partying continued ...
and all looked rather festive. This is Julie and John from Scotland - our ancestral home.
On Sunday they said it was very hot, and we would not have enjoyed it. This is an Erica mammosa.
There were fires in the mountains on the way home, but they arrived back safe and sound.

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