05 February 2012

Heat and dust

Extra early start today because of the heat. Only Sue was there. We set off at six thirty five or so, with the sun already beating down. Long shadows to prove that it was early.
Shortly after the start at Cecilia we veered off into the the lovely cool forest where we could have a dip.
But sadly Sue was not feeling well and the Alph said she should go home again and have a rest. So we walked her back to the car park. Look at the dusty path. It was now about seven thirty and mighty hot.
Someone had left a birthday message for Vivian in the sandy road.
Looking back over Cape Town with Muizenberg mountain in the background. You can just see us hot Scots in the road: a little unsure about this walk. We are not very good at heat.
But then, after a short slog up Rooikat Ravine, we all disappeared into the deep dark shade of the indigenous forest. What a relief!
A rather in-your-face King Protea (Protea cynaroides) on the way,
and a little Gnidia.
At the waterfall the Alph and FL had a cup of tea, and we met some dogs who all wanted to swim in my pool. I let this one in and look how happy she looks. All the humans just stood under the waterfall cooling off. One old chap took off all his clothes - well almost - and had a shower.
The mossy green drippy ferny falls.
Eventually we had to leave, and boy did we have some adventures on the way back! We saw some red disas which made the FL happy but the Alph seemed unimpressed. "Its just another bloody red flower. So what!" he said. Then I went after some good smells and got a bit sidetracked. I heard the FL screeching and yelling for me, but I was not ready to get back on the path just then. In my own time I sauntered back looking surprised by all the fuss. Then Dougal had a fight with an Alsatian and his friend who were hogging the path and getting up Dougal's nose. Luckily the Alsatian was old and his friend rather small, so no injuries were inflicted.By then the humans were so mad at us both that they chased us all the way back to the landrover. Look at our dust!

The Alph phoned Sue when we got home and she said she was feeling ok.

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