29 April 2012

Maddy is back!

This morning Alice and Maddy were back having finished the dog owner training course. It was great to see them, and I wasn't a bit nervous of Maddy as I know there is no ways she would mistake me for a Jack Russell or a dachshund! Sue also joined us and we set off up Steenberg. Dougal was a bit off today - but he wanted to come on the walk, so the Alph said he would do a short walk with him and take him home. I hoped these Dog Face flowers would cheer him up, even though its only the fruits that look like dog faces, and the flowers look like stars, but he really wasn't a happy chappie. We climbed up the mountain, with Lakeside and all of False Bay at our feet, and found a nice spot for tea. It was a tad chilly and windy, but us Scots and Bouviers are tough. After tea we split up, with Dougal going down again with Sue (who also has not been well) and the Alpha Male, and us girls carrying on. The Food Lady was very chuffed with her buff from Sue and took a self portrait! I am sure it will be very useful and fun on the Otter Trail.
Some interesting and colourful Phylica imberbis flowers, which are closely related to Dog Faces.We walked up to Muizenberg Peak with its 360 degree view, and the Food Lady found a rather wet and soggy R100 note just lying in the path. As there was not a soul in sight, she picked it up. I was a bit worried that this rock monster dinosaur had its eye on the money and was a bit cross. Alice and Maddy in the shiny wet fynbos - proteas, restios, ericas, etc etc.
With the rain come the mushrooms, and this teeny tiny one had someone sleeping in it. But I woke it up and chased it away as I saw some Jack Russells and just HAD to bark to alert Maddy to the fact that there was some potential fun ahead.
Me and Maddy checking for dogs, or joggers, or baboons, or dassies, or francolin, or fairies. Oops, I think I woke this chap up too from his cosy Sugarbush (Protea repens) bed.
When we got home we found Dougal relaxing with the fairies, and the Alph weeding the lawn and pretending to be a goblin in his piratical buff from Sue.Wha!?? I must be going down with the flu too, I am seeing Jack Russell faires. Help!

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