02 May 2012

Tummy ache walk

It was the Food Lady's birthday yesterday and the Alpha Male's is a few days time, and as Gabriel thinks that there are no nice walks in Cape Town (only Greyton) we decided to have an in between birthday hike to Elephant's Eye Cave for a picnic tea. Pressies and an after-walk cake safely stored in the boot,
we all followed Gabe and Arti who set off at a great pace.
Walking along the cliff path, I started feeling a bit sick. Coming down with what Doog had, I think.
Up and down we went - Alice, the Alph, Pippa, Jane, Sophie, Hugh and the boys. Dougal and I were battling to keep up.
We crossed the river,
and eventually came to the cave. Hugh, Sophie and Gabriel exploring.
I was feeling really horrible by tea time. Sick as a dog.
Some Guernsey Lilies (Nerine sarniensis) growing high on the roof of the cave.
Playing at being Early Humans Mossy rocks even though it was dry and dusty at the back of the cave.
Time to go home again. In the distance is the cliff top path where we started.
Gabe the monkey. Me on the lead as I kept having to disappear into the fynbos to throw up. Not much fun. The Alph had to carry me some of the way too. Some them hived off on the path next to the dam where NO DOGS are allowed. Arti was tired by this time and had to be carried too.
Home again for some lunch. Margie and Petrus joined us.
Gabe and Hugh preferred to do some Lego building.
Margie's beautiful, delicious chocolate cake,
and pretty presents for the FL. But I just slept.

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