16 May 2012

Travels without scotties

Dear Coco
It is always sad leaving you and Dougal behind when we go on holidays without Scotties, but we soon cheered up when we stopped for a cup of coffee at this rather crazy roadside cafe - with a friendly Dalmatian there to welcome us. Paul bought us coffee from the Roadkill Cafe,
while Alice and I browsed around the shop
and read some other more important stuff before the Alph bundled us back into the car and we set off up Route 62.
In no time at all we had made it to Tsitsikamma where lots of otters live, although this sign is the closest I came to seeing a real otter. (Although Alice and several of the others saw real live otters over the next few days.)
It was full moon - or as near to dammit to full - and all was very wild and wonderful.
The next morning we woke up and had breakfast with lots of dassies. You would have gone CRAZY chasing them so its just as well that no dogs are allowed.
This was our very comfy little Forest Hut.
And this was Paul's - apt because he was "Without" Pauline!
Alice, Paul, the Alph and I then set out on a walk through the forest which was very lovely.
Paul and Alice discussing the intricacies of tree taxonomy.
The Alph felt moved to hug a tree.
And on the way back we bumped into some Bushbuck. You would have loved them too I am sure!Wyndham and Gilly arrived at lunch time, and we all set off to explore Storms River Mouth which has some scary suspension bridges that I don't think you would have enjoyed.
The others all arrived later, and we had a nice braai. Here are Lucy, Katta, Richard, Jonathan, Kate (doing a pre-otter happy dance), the Alph and Gareth. Wyndham and Gilly presented the Alph with a Scottie-dog shaped soap-on-a-rope for his birthday.We were all a little scared by this monkey face in the cliffs on the way home, so we got into our comfy beds and went to sleep.
I hope you are happy and warm and cosy at home,
lots of love
The FoodLady xx

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