25 May 2012

Dermoscopy down under

The Alph got back from Brisbane today and showed us some of his photos. This is him checking into Singapore Air to Brisbane for a dermoscopy conference. The Food Lady and us stayed behind.
Australia is the land of possums which interests us Scottiies. (This is not the Alph's photo but one we found on the Internet.) Good to chase? You BET.
A photo for the Food Lady of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo - Kiki from the Food Lady's favourite children's Adventure books by Enid Blyton.
The Alph stayed with Dee, the Food Lady's cousin, and her husband Mike, who live in Brisbane, on the Brisbane River.
The Conference Centre in warm (sun-damaging) and leafy (too much carbon dioxide in the air from all that fossil-fuel burning in Oz) Brisbane. (Oh yes, and its official, sunscreen doesn't give you rickets.) When the conference was over, our Alph met up with his sister Nicola who came all the way from New Zealand, and they went exploring ...
Not to be outdone by Pudsey, this is Brisbane's performing dog, delighting the crowds.
A city CAT! Yikes!
I'd be careful in one of those Nicky!
The city from the Brisbane River
and a visit to the off licence, and they were away ...
Following in the steps of the late lamented Crocodile Man of Oz up north - and more beer!
Some Australian proteas (banksias) and the Glass House Mountains - although how they got a glass house from that great volcanic plug is anyone's guess.
An iconic Ozzie sign. (I wonder if kangaroos are as good as baboons to chase? Dougal thinks not as good as possums.)
Then south for a dip in the Gold Coast sea.And here are some photos of friends and family ... the next door dogs looking a bit skinny - obviously not allowed to eat possums. Health and safety and all that you know.Mike and Dee Bradshaw on their way to work ... Anthony Tomlinson (a friend of Nicola's who has also wound up in the antipodes) and Nicola. Note the Rosselli on the wall!
The Alph and his sister.
Welcome home to a very wet and cold Cape Town Alph. (I will have to give up my place on the bed, but I don't really mind - its nice to have you home.)

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