04 July 2012

Gargoyles and guacamole

An early start up the Steenberg with the sun just coming out over the Cape Flats. Pauline was back today which was exciting. Her foot is much better. Paul and Alice and Maddie also came. What utter bliss life is for a little black scottie! Some yellow bulbs were flowering - the Apricot Tulp (Moraea ochroleuca) - as we started walking up the hill - a harbinger of spring even if it was a delightfully (for a scottie) stinky harbinger. Moraea ochroleuca is sapromyiophilous (pollinated by carrion flies) which explains it stinkyness.
It was quite chilly but the sun was trying to come out.
We had tea in a rather inhospitable spot for a scot who doesn't really enjoy bundu-bashing through the fynbos which is why I am not in the photo. But Dougal would risk anything for a bit of Karen's Kitchen rusk. In the photo are Alice, Maddie behind the rock, the Alph, Paul, Dougal and Pauline.
Jeeez what the hell is that? Creeps me out.
Dougal trying to look terrifying and gargoylish to scare me. A fine one to talk, oh he who is freaked out by a bit of harmless thunder!
Yikes. What are those eerie looking dogs? Real or imaginary? The guardian hounds of the Muizenberg trig beacon?
A quick peek over the edge looking down on Muizenberg beach. More snary rock monsters looking over too.
Then Alice and Maddie and the Alph took off down the mountain as if the hounds of hell were after them, and we had to try and keep up.
No sign of any hounds or gargoyles. But the Alph didn't hear me and continued hurtling down.
It was quite warm by now as we struggled down the stony footpath.
And this, we discovered, was the reason for the headlong rush down the mountainside - a lunch date in the vineyards with Philip, Simon and Omie-Domes. Phil arrived just as we got back. It was lovely to see him even though we weren't invited to the lunch at Noble Hill Wine Estate.
Spicy prawn wraps and guacamole for the Food Lady.
The wine-tasting room on the estate.
The next morning we went for a walk on Fish Hoek beach with Phil and Omie-Domes and all the spaniels And some other dogs seemed to tag along too.

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