15 July 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Its STILL raining - the third wet Sunday in a row. There were several other mad dogs and Englishmen - and a small boy - already ahead of us, but Sue was the only one of our regular group crazy enough to join us on a walk
up to the waterfall.
Stopping for a breather, we were bombarded with raindrops and strange creatures in rain bubbles that appeared on the camera lens.
The streams were flowing really strongly, and YIKES, there is that horrible lurgie that Dougal keeps seeing! Even the Alph seems to have seen it.
No wonder Dougal is nervous about crossing the rushy streams!
Everywhere was drippy,
and the fynbos and forest was alive with creatures to chase.
Hope there are no lurgies in here, but Dougal is across safely. Me next.
Fairies can cross at the top.
More fairy bubbles in the waterfall.
Looking back into a misty Cecilia Ravine. I just KNOW there is a bunch of squirrels or gnomes and pixies, or caracal cats down there and it was very unsporting of the Food Lady to put my lead on to stop me going to investigate.
These Sunshine Conebushes (Leucadendron salignum) were glowing in the gloom.
A Green Protea (Protea coronata).
Fairy toadstools growing on the side of a rock.
A drippy Table Mountain Hairy Heath Erica hirtiflora var. hirtiflora). Looking a bit Middle Earthy with yellowwoods, Tree Ferns and mossy rocks. Almost home and dry - just the last bridge to cross - Sue and the Alph with me and Dougal.
Blisterleaf (Knowltonia vesicatoria subsp. vesicatoria) growing near the Cecilia carpark,
and a Fynbos Fairy on what appears to be Moraea flaccida - the One-leafed Tulp or Groottulp.

Now, lets hope that next Sunday is dry.

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  1. Walking in the rain has a certain "je ne sais quoi" and makes for interesting photos - but rather you than me! Thanks for lovely album, as usual.