24 January 2013

The Alph's new boots

Today we walked up Steenberg into the mist with Alice and Maddie and Pauline. 
The Alph has new boots, and Dougal is also as good as new on his heart pills.
The Alph's new boots led us up the endless, rocky path, past these spectacular red-pink forms of the Ninepin Heath (Erica mammosa), into the mist and wind on the top. 
On the other side of the ridge, it was a bit more sheltered and we walked on towards Nellie's Pool past some more ericas - Erica pulchella Alice thought - 
and past lots of bright blue Aristeas. Possibly Aristea glauca
Another erica with longer leaves. Still needs to be looked up.
The mist was enveloping everything - from these little Peninsula Silkypuffs (Diastella divaricata) - to us. Keeping us nice and cool and testing the water-repellent abilities of the Alph's new boots. 
Some dead Laurel-leaved Sunshine Conebushes (Leucadendron laureolum) made us think of Paul - as he would have loved their spectacular sheen, colours and form. But he is away in the chilly northern climes of our ancestors. 
We had a cool, wet and slippery tea in the trees near Nellie's Pool, which is a bit spooky at the best of times but today it was straight out of Middle Earth! 
Some impressive, craggy Middle-Earthy cliffs near Muizenberg Cave.
Dougal in the misty fynbos, desperately hunting rodents.
Now which way? Left or right? I think right. No, its left.
A rare little albino Aristea juncifolia
Up the sandy paths we scampered, the Alph's new boots behind us. These are normal blue Aristea juncifolia flowers.
Teeny, tiny sprawling Prismatocarpus sessilis flowers in the path. Watch out for the Alph's new boots!
Then we were back where we started from, and we headed back over the ridge into the teeth of the Southeaster and the mist. 
Spittle bug spit.
Roella triflora maybe?
Then we were out of the Southeaster cloud and back into midsummer and heat and the long slog down. False Bay in the distance.
And the Alph was very pleased with his new boots! 

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