28 January 2013

We rescue a dog

This morning it was windy and we were all a bit fractious but the singing of this Boubou high up in a camphor tree above Ou Kraal path put us all into a good mood.
We were joined by Misha who was a bit lost and wandering around in busy Boyes Drive. Her owner was overseas and wasn't answering her phone so we thought she could come with us and we would find out where she lived and take her home when we got back.
Pauline, Alice and Maddie also joined us, and we went up at Ou Kraal, and round the mountain to Mimetes Valley.
It was rather hot, and we were grateful for a short shade stop.
The Table Mountain Watsonias (Watsonia tabularis) were looking autumnal and hot,
and really brightened up Mimetes Valley.
Misha really enjoyed our stop at Nellies Pool and cavorted around like a puppy.
The Middle Earth-other worldly feel of the place also got to her. Yikes, what is that! 
Better get out of here fast! 
There are definitely dragons on those crags!
Me on the edge checking for dragons. Looking down over False Bay - Spes Bona Forest far, far below. (And full of hobbits for all we know! Maybe they are fobbits - fynbos hobbits.) 
The Red Heath (Erica abietina subsp. abietina).
Misha on the edge.
Tea time. Dougal, Alice, Maddie, Pauline, the Alph and Misha (who couldn't keep still for a second).
All the Red Crassulas (Crassula coccinea) are starting to flower up in the rocky parts of the mountain. This one was right on top of Kalk Bay Peak.
Then we went down into the valley, past these Rustling Reeds (Elegia racemosa).
and into the deed dark dwarf forest in Echo Valley.
We were having a sedate and very sedate paddle in Weary Willies pool,
which was constantly being disrupted by a mad dog!
A pink Ninepin Heath (Erica mammosa) - the indentations at the tip of the flower are an easy way to identify it.
We were so hot that the Food Lady had to carry Dougal some of the way, and it was a great relief to get to the bottom of the Mole Track.
After some heated discussion, Alice and Maddie took Misha back to their house, and we all had tea and phoned TEARS who already knew that Misha was missing and told us to phone Mike who came to fetch her. So Misha was missing no longer and we all went home.

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  1. Misha looks like a lovely dog and you were kind samaritans to rescue her and sort her out. Looks like she really enjoyed the day out too:)