28 February 2013

Earth , fire and no water

We were left behind while our humans went off to Riversong with John and Julie. On the way they had to negotiate a scary snary fire on the N1,
and there were also fires on the hills in front of Cedarcot,
and in the distant Cederberg.
 There was no water in the cottage the first day,
so they had to go for a swim in the pool to freshen up the next day. Luckily the Alph managed to sort the water supply out later, as there is nothing that makes the Food Lady more irritable than missing a shower at the end of a long hot day!
We've been over that bridge! John and Julie following the Alph and Phoodlady on a hot hike across the river.
Julie - intrepid explorer.
Restio - possibly Katstertkanet (Rhodacoma capensis).
Fiery dragonfly.
Can you see any Scotties? Yes! John and Julie also come from the frozen north where we Scots originate, although technically speaking they are not Scots.
Heading home to a fire and dindins.

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