03 March 2013

Blow, blow thou summer wind

Today, with a slight change of plan, we drove right up to the Lewis Gay Dam at Brooklands
and started walking from there. Alice and Maddy were the only takers today as everyone was afraid of the heat. But luckily Cape Town's air-con was switched on to high so it wasn't too hot for us scots.
A funny bird rock monster watched us walk past.
Alice and The Alph discussing the mammary allusions in Erica mammosa
We then crossed a bridge. Not our best but at least this one didn't have open spaces to freak us out. 
Erica viscaria. (Difficult to shoot in the wind.)
Tea time and waiting for biscuits ...
The view from our tea spot - across Long Beach to Chapman's Peak on the right.
Even though the wind was blowing and buffeting, it was quite hot and hard getting up that sandy hill.
A Stone Nest Spider's intricate orb web.
Tritoniopsis dodii.
Once we were on top of the hill, there was another view - this one right across False Bay. 
But no time for views - we were hot and wanted that promised swim! We hot footed it back to the dam, and Maddy was the first to jump in.
Then me.
And Dougal just gingerly venturing in.
The Alph far out, Alice keeping an eye on Maddy - and even the Food Lady dived in much to our consternation. I mean, who would organize our food if she was taken by a lurgy lurking in the deep dark waters of the Lewis Gay Dam! 
But we all survived and came home to Gin and Tonics and bacon and egg.

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