17 March 2013

Fog on the Bay

Yay its Sunday and we are patiently waiting for our walkies in the back of the car. 
Pecks Valley today: with Pauline, Lucy and Richard and Josie, and Alice and Maddy. The Food Lady was very flattered that Josie very politely said hello to her. (So did all the humans say hello to her, but they are generally better at polite hellos than dogs.) 
Looking back on the thick fog that lay on the flats - with the Hottentot Hollands just sticking up in the far distance, and lots of prayers being said by a group at the top of the steps.
A rainwater puddle for a quick thirst-quencher in the early morning sunshine.
All the plants were covered with dewy droplets like this Erica urna-viridis
and this gorgeous King Protea (Protea cynaroides).
The fog starting to lift over Simon's Town and Fish Hoek and the air was wonderfully cool. 
Richard spotted a rather large black raptor in the distance - and the Food Lady got all excited thinking it might be a Black Eagle but turns out its a Jackal Buzzard.
We made a quick detour to the wonderful Eau-de-Vie of Nellie's Pool where Maddie swam, I had a wade, Dougal a drink, 
and Josie tried her best to avoid all contact with water. This is her leaping over the stream. I think she finds the place a bit spooky too.
And no wonder with all the eerie craggy rocks that tower over it, home to gremlins like this that wreak such havoc in the Food Lady's magazine.
On we pressed past Muizenberg Cave, which sounded like there was a party going on in it, 
 and eventually we found a good tea spot with great views over St James Peak and False Bay. Alice, Maddy, Lucy (with Josie lying low), me, the Alph, Doog, Richard and Pauline.
I do love a good view point! Especially when there is a cool breeze to shoot.
Dog Faces gone to seed?
After the lofty coolness on top we had to come down the hot Mole Track back to the cars. There was a lot of surfing activity going on in Muizenberg and the sea looked cool as cool could be. 

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