30 March 2013

Human Rights but Dog Discrimination Weekend

 Last weekend our humans left us at home while they went off to our favourite place in all the world - Suiderstrand - for a long weekend (Thursday being Human Rights Day). They went walking in the Agulhas National Park
and sat on the beach watching White-fronted Plovers,
 and inspected the renovations on the lighthouse and the new boardwalk so that tourists can walk to the southern tip of Africa and get thoroughly coated in limestone dust by all the passing 4x4s that speed past. 
WITHOUT US! Was it Dog Discrimination Day? HUH?
But maybe it had something to do with this. An early morning walk at De Mond - with dogs crossed out. 
 Turns out they were spending some time with friends at Arniston too. The first day they walked from De Mond all the way back to Arniston. Here are Amanda, the Alph and Jenny,
 and Robbie
picking up paper nautilis shells spotted by Amanda and Robbie. 
All around the Food Lady saw evidence of burrows in the sand, and at Arniston, an information board had this picture of a Hairy-footed Gerbil that lives in the sand and comes out at night to eat grass seeds. Maybe it was responsible for the burrows she wondered. We would have loved to investigate the hairy-footed verminous beasts and dig them out and shake them to smithereens! 
They stayed in Amanda and Glen's cottage in Arniston - right next to the hotel. Hudge was there - with collar colour-co-ordinating with the umbrellas.
Hudge keeping watch on the beach while they swam.
 The Palm Sunday procession.
An irritatingly self-assured Jack Russel in front of the hotel. 
And lots of dogs on the beach! Howwwwl. 
Fishing boats on the Kassiesbaai Harbour Slipway.
Pete photographing the amazing sand dunes on another walk on the beach in the other direction - towards De Hoop.
A raft hydroid (Porpita) caught in a rock pool.
On the way back they walked through the village of Kassiesbaai - past this fierce looking bull terrier (e-type pig), 
and this gentle scene ...
Aaahhh. Pete and Jenny - the still-newly weds.

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