06 January 2014

Fat Ladies?

We arrived at Silvermine this cool and spitty morning to the sound of a million cicadas - which turned out to be just this one. (Possibly an Orange-wing Platypleura capensis.) Pauline and Paul, Sue and Honey were there to meet us at Wolfkop carpark. "We are just doing the Fat Lady walk" said the Food Lady. (We have all gained a few rolls of fat round our midriffs over the last few months of feasting and sloth.)
Although it was warm, there was a wind blowing up a cloud over Table Mountain.
Being an otherwise kind of dog, I really wanted to turn left,
 oh, what the hell, I will just have to go with the flow. Besides, I am a bit unfit so any extra mileage is not very appealing at the moment.
Sunny patches of Aristea africana,
fat white grub flowers - Erica mammosa with characteristic dents at the base of the corolla,
and fiery Table Mountain Watsonias (Watsonia tabularis).
Me looking out and the Imbecile Pest looking in - no clue as how to behave.
Watching for stragglers. Long Beach in the background.
Honey and I are making progress in the friendship stakes. Us two black dogs must stick together against the interloping white one.
The Alph and Paul - self-confessed fully paid-up members of the Old Farts Society - discussing the idiocies of the state medical systems in the UK and SA.
Some sunny Yellow Disas (Disa tenuifolia).
Honey found a good tea spot in the shade.
Paul, Pauline, Sue and the Alf.
After tea we were firm friends!
Little orange and yellow peas (Rafnia capensis most likely) back near the cars at the end of a happy walk. We are on our way to becoming super slim ladies!

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  1. Honey looks just a little bit like Dawnie!